About First Contact

The first contact team is keen, energetic and friendly.

The company is still small enough for every staff member to be carefully nurtured to ensure maximum professionalism, which in turn leads to employee satisfaction and high staff morale.

All of this contributes to a level of service which is alive with energy and enthusiasm. Clients’ customers notice it when they ring. These are the people and the qualities which could be working for you and bringing your customer service to life.

Who is first contact?

The brand name first contact is the trading name for Page1 Ltd, formed in April 1989 by a group of investors wanting to take advantage of new opportunities arising in the telecommunications industry from deregulation of the radio bandwidth industry.

Page1 Ltd became the first privately owned paging network in New Zealand.

Today, through growth and acquisition we are now a truly multimedia contact centre.

Through our ISP, WebWorld we also offer Web Design and Hosting packages, an excellent alignment to many of our contact centre solutions.

At first contact we work with you to combine the best of the human element with the efficiencies of technology to get both working for you and your customers.

5 steps to customer satisfaction

  • STEP 1 Understand what your customers want
    Ironically, it is not that difficult to create a great customer experience because customers do not want much! Studies report that customers simply want fast and friendly service by someone who…
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  • STEP 2 Get the basics right
    It is common to hear senior managers exhort their staff to “delight” their customers by exceeding their expectations when the reality is the business falls a long way short of…
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  • STEP 3 Make it a pleasure to do business with you
    Having a customer is a privilege. Without them, your company would have no revenue and your staff no pay cheques. Yet human nature being what it is, we tend to…
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  • STEP 4 'Wow' them!
    When you have got the basics right and created an organisation that people like and enjoy doing business with, then you can aim to delight or 'Wow' your customers. The…
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  • STEP 5 Make your customers successful
    The ultimate great experience is when your customer does not just enjoy doing business with you, or is even amazed by what you can do for them on one or…
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